We All Eat

On many days, my job is just a job. Get up, go to work, do stuff, talk to people, go home. Kinda like most jobs. But some days, my job is more interesting. Sometimes, it’s really crazy.

The thing I learned about my job early on, is that other people like to know about what I do. And the longer I’ve done this job, the more I’ve learned (duh) and the more knowledge I have to share. Along with the crazy stories I’ve collected that are fun to tell at parties. So one day I thought, it would be cool to put that information and those stories out there for everyone, and see what happens.

Why is my job so relevant to everyone? Because I’m a food inspector. I am actually a food safety director, or a food safety specialist, or an environmental health professional. I’ve had all those titles and they all pretty much fit what I do, but what everyone likes to hear about are my restaurant stories. And they also like to learn about what to do, and not to do, with the food they are cooking for their families. Etc.

That’s because…everyone eats. Food is universal; it is a subject that applies to everyone. And pretty much everyone eats at a restaurant at some time or another. So if you spend some time reading my posts, you will hopefully learn a lot, and you may also laugh, roll your eyes, and tell some stories of your own. Feel free to send me your questions or comments! I will try to answer everything I can.

About foodsleuth

I’m a food safety specialist with over 20 years’ experience of restaurant inspection experience. I dabble in writing too for fun. I love to cook (for my family and friends), to eat, and to critique restaurants (unprofessionally)!

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  1. Alan Richardson says:

    I’m one of those who enjoys eating, not just to stay alive, but as a pleasurable experience (mostly). The topics outlined sound like a blast to follow. I anxiously await your posts.

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