Hip Hooray for Summer!

YAY it’s Summer!!!

My favorite time of the year has arrived! I endure the harsh winter months, pining through the blustery, rainy days of spring, hardly able to believe it when the hot summer sun finally breaks up those wispy clouds and announces, break out the sunscreen! I think I was meant to live in the tropics.

As much as we love the long, languid bliss of hot days in the sun, it’s smart to remember that bacteria love the heat just as much as we do. Unfortunately, they do NOT take vacations. In fact, bacteria reproduce quickly in warmer temperatures, and in the summer we often have get-togethers in situations where refrigeration is not available. It’s important to take precautions with our food so we don’t spend our precious vacation days regretting a careless mistake with food safety!

In fact, there are so many different scenarios where folks spend time out of doors, and there are so many different topics I can cover on this subject, that I’m going to be breaking this down into different categories so you can go right to the topic that most interests you. Camping? Check. Backyard barbeque? Check. Picnics and family reunions? Check. You get the idea. Read on for great tips and important food safety know-how!

For important info on how to avoid picnic peril, click here: http://foodsleuthonline.com/summer-safety/food-safety-is-a-picnic/

If you want to minimize the chances of BBQ blues, beat a path to: http://foodsleuthonline.com/summer-safety/bbq-blues/

To be the most careful camping cook in the park, check this out: http://foodsleuthonline.com/summer-safety/happy-campers/

And finally – a word about safety at fairs: http://foodsleuthonline.com/summer-safety/fair-game-for-food-safety/

Beach babies, unite! And don’t forget your bug spray either – mosquitos not invited

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I’m a food safety specialist with over 20 years’ experience of restaurant inspection experience. I dabble in writing too for fun. I love to cook (for my family and friends), to eat, and to critique restaurants (unprofessionally)!

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