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I’m a food safety specialist with over 20 years’ experience of restaurant inspection experience. I dabble in writing too for fun. I love to cook (for my family and friends), to eat, and to critique restaurants (unprofessionally)!

Help! I’m a Germaphobe!

So you’re a germaphobe. The first step is to admit it. It’s not a bad thing….is it? Well, let’s take a look and see! First, the term “germ” – what is a germ? That’s a slang term, usually we are … Continue reading

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Why Does My Coke Have an Expiration?!

There is a funny joke about dairy products. You know your milk is bad when it looks like yogurt. You know your yogurt is bad when it starts to look like cottage cheese. The cottage cheese is bad when it … Continue reading

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Those Aren’t Really Chocolate Sprinkles, and Other Tails

When you open a can of spinach for dinner, what gastronomic pleasures await you? You might think to expect the slippery, muddy green of canned spinach, the pungent vinegary smell we associate with that particular treat. Unfortunately, this was not … Continue reading

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Handwashing – Are You Doing it Right?

Once upon a time, when you were young enough that you probably don’t remember, an adult taught you to wash your hands. Probably mom or dad, or a teacher, showed you how to turn on the faucet, rub the slippery … Continue reading

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Food Sleuth On the Road

It’s spring break season, and many of us are traveling. One of the best parts of being on the vacation is the new restaurants we get to visit. But it’s not so much fun if we wind up with a … Continue reading

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Living Dangerously

You may have heard that it’s not a good idea to eat undercooked hamburgers. You might have been told you should really cook your meat to a certain temperature, or noticed the labels on the packages of meat you buy … Continue reading

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