Fair Game for Food Safety

Fair Game for Food Safety               

We’re going to the Fair! Nothing says summer like cows, rabbits, rides, deep fried food, face painting, great deals on mattresses, tractors, and 4H projects. Whew! Where else can you get all that in one place? Just make sure you don’t also bring home a case of foodborne illness!

A few things to review before you head out the door with your sunscreen and your wads of cash (because you will definitely need that):

If you’re bringing some of your own snacks to save money, try not to bring perishable food. It will spoil quickly if you don’t have a way to keep it cold.

Handwashing – always wash hands after touching or petting the animals, or after exiting the animal barns, even if you didn’t handle any animals.

                Wash hands after using the restroom, after changing a diaper, and always before eating.

                Wash hands with soap and water, and scrub for 15-20 seconds. Dry hands with a paper towel if possible.

If there is no handwashing station available, use hand wipes as a substitute. Remember soap and water is best!

handwashing tips: http://foodsleuthonline.com/2017/04/17/handwashing-are-you-doing-it-right/

If you eat at the fair, and you think you have experienced an illness resulting from the food, be sure to report it. The local health department is the best place to call. Calls from consumers is how outbreaks are detected. This information is very important!

Go have a great time at the fair, and ride some rides for me! Just not the rollercoaster – I am a total chicken. 😉

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