Happy Campers!

Happy Campers are Healthy Campers! 

Let’s review a few tips to make sure none of the gang ends up spending a great camping weekend, uh, in the porta-potty!

Camping is a wonderful way to get away from the daily craziness and enjoy some laid back, family time. Who doesn’t love falling asleep to the soft croaking of frogs, and waking to birdsong? Scratching new mosquito bites while we hike through the forest? ME ME ME! (wait, I mean I DO love it!)

What I don’t love is the idea of this idyllic weekend being ruined by bad food. Here are my recommendations:

Since you will probably not have ready access to refrigeration (or much of it), try to pack mostly non-perishable food. Bring stuff in cans and boxes. If you have to have your burgers, pack them carefully in full coolers of ice and use right away. Pack more ice than you think you will need! For those of you who drive the giant RV’s with full electrical hookup and full size refrigerators, skip this page. You are not, technically, camping. You have just purchased a house on wheels. Move right along to the next post please!

Remember to bring a thermometer to temp your meat, if you are cooking meat. And refer to cooking charts. https://www.foodsafety.gov/keep/charts/mintemp.html 

Bring wipes etc. to clean hands and other surfaces that might not be so clean. Try to cover food to minimize exposure to flies. They spread many nasty disease. Also, do you know how flies eat? It’s pretty disgusting so I will leave it to you to google this if you don’t know.

Make sure you have a clean water supply. If the campground doesn’t supply water or you’re roughing it – bring plenty of your own clean water in clean, sanitized jugs. If necessary, you can boil water for one minute to sterilize.

Time to pack your tents and sleeping bags people! Grab the kids, summer will be over soon. Go make some memories, but be sure they are only good ones. S’mores anyone?



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